Live Artfully


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Our creative designer, Marie-France M Noel visited her native land, Haiti after the 2010 earthquake. While it was a devastating time, surrounded by art in Haiti brought her comfort and inspired her to give back through ART.

Imaginative craftsmanship, vivid colors, passion for living encompasses Haitian art. She grew up in a large family that instilled art in her and exposed her to all artsy things. Her late uncle, KÉLÉ, a painter had a lasting impact in her life. She felt closer to him being back in Haiti. She lovingly chose to honor him through the brand.

Once she got back to the United States, she unleashed her  creativity and created KADOKÉLÉ, a stimulation of Caribbean art in clothing and hand-crafted jewelry inspiring all to Live Artfully. Inspirations are drawn from Haiti's rich cultural heritage and her late uncle's art.